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STEP: Sudan Tropical Exchange Project,是一項推廣熱帶醫學的國際暑期教育計劃,特別建構熱帶醫學的基礎知識,並揭露熱病對社區的影響力。

經過前任專業交換部長 – 黃詩涵大力推薦,如果有興趣的醫學生可以去參加!


主辦單位:University of Khartoum @ SUDAN

活動日期:8/20 – 9/18




【About Sudan Tropical Exchange Program】

STEP is a project for international medical students to get acquainted with the pathological and clinical features of the Tropical Diseases as well as discussing the management plans including investigations. It is held annually in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum and supervised by Professors, Doctors and Tutors specialized in each field.

The program reviews tropical diseases including Malaria, Tuberculosis, Leishmaniasis, Schistosomiasis, Typhoid fever, Tropical gastroenterology, Rheumatic fever and Mycetoma.

This is achieved through various methods such as:

– Lectures

– Laboratory work

– Clinical live cases

– Hospital rounds

– Surgical operations

Moreover, STEP aims to provide community aids which are accomplished through the Medical Mission.

The Medical Mission aims to raise awareness through health education in addition to providing free diagnosis, investigations and treatment in the rural areas of Sudan; all while exploring the African culture and the Sudanese heritage through a very rich social programme.